State company «State Road Research Institute named after M.P. Shulgin»

About project

This web portal is designed to collect information, record and analyze the effectiveness of the use of modern materials and technologies in the road industry of Ukraine.

The web portal is a reference and information resource with a list of modern materials, resource-saving technologies, as well as progressive design solutions. The web portal can be used in the selection of effective technical solutions during the design of new construction, reconstruction, major and ongoing average repairs, as well as operational maintenance of public highways. This information resource serves, first of all, as a guide when choosing certain materials and technologies.

The web portal "Innovations in the road industry" will allow:

  • identify the most promising areas of introduction of new materials and modern technologies in the road industry;
  • inform users of the road market about new materials and technologies;
  • get more information about the results of the use/implementation of certain new materials and technologies;
  • analyze the results of experimental implementation of new materials and technologies;
  • store data on the use of new materials and technologies in the industry as a whole;
  • promote the acceleration of the introduction of new technologies and materials.
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